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Discussion Forum Rules

Who We Are: Progressive Independent is an online community for Progressives. Members are expected to be supportive of Progressive ideals and to support Progressive candidates. Progressive Independent is not affiliated with any party because our goal is to have a majority of Progressive members who are are Democrats, Greens and Progressive Independents all working together to move our country leftwards in order to move towards and rebalance the center. We will not tolerate any insults to Greens and Independents who we feel are closer to our ideological goals than status-quo Democrats.
We are vehemently anti-war and hold Democrats who were complicit just as responsible as Republicans.

Civility: Treat other members with respect. Under-the-radar Trolls? Let THEM convince members otherwise before they rack up their postcount. Otherwise, "Whack 'em and Stack 'em" in a humorous way before we put them out of their misery. We will not tolerate any racism, sexism, or anti-Semitism towards Jews or Arabs. We will also not tolerate being dictated to about how certain people feel those terms should be defined. We are a progressive community defining those terms according to our standards because we understand very well that he who controls the language controls the discourse so we're taking the language back. If you don't like that, please do not bother to register to convince us we're wrong. We're not interested in slowing down our progress to get tangled in a spider-web of definitions.

On a special note, there is a perception that the pro-Palestinian Left is anti-Semitic. The perception is (largely) false but it's not merely the result of an extended smear campaign; it's not merely an expression of anyone's malfeasance. There are reasons for this perception, and in order to seriously combat it, we need to do more than simply mention it all the time, and unthinkingly and indiscriminately condemn our ideological opponents for it. (This, in fact, is exactly the trap into which the proponents of the "New Anti-Semitism" have fallen, with unfortunate consequences for the reliability of the accusation even when accurate.)  Unjustly smearing Israel for crimes it did not commit is not only wrong, but leads to dangerously naive thinking about our own system - that if only we oust the Mossad/AIPAC/etc. everything will be peachy keen again. 

Important note: This web-site was not set up to bash other discussion boards.  Please do not speak ill of the Adminstrators of other Democratic boards, whose dedication and hard work has to be very much respected.  Be aware that if we feel your main purpose here is to gripe, we'll take a very dim view of your not-so-positive contributions to our community.  If you have any bitterness, please just MOVE FORWARD AND DON'T LOOK BACK!

Do not post offensive material: Avoid language or statements that can be considered racist, sexist, threatening, inflammatory, hateful, insulting, or violent. While we value freedom of expression, we also value the comfort and sanctity of this space for everyone. We expect that certain topics may lead to contention and debate, and will not prevent users from expressing their opinions, as long as they can be articulated and debated in a rational, calm, and informed manner.
Content: Don't be an ass and don't be a jerk. We reserve the right to zap any post based on content if it would embarrass the majority of our progressive members. We have no intention of rolling over to accomodate fascists, Vichy collaborators, or people who hate Bush but not the entire machinery that collaborated in bringing about the current tragic political situation.

Do not hijack threads or pursue tangents: We expect, and hope, that political discussions will lead in countless directions; however, please avoid sidetracking the topic of a thread. If you feel the need to 'take over' someone else's thread, please begin a new thread.

Copyrights: Do not copy-and-paste entire articles onto this discussion forum unless the source specifically authorizes it; in that case, post the permission and the url to the permission at the beginning or end of the article. When referencing copyrighted work, post an excerpt (not exceeding 1/3 of the article or 1/2 if it's an extremely short article) with a link back to the original. Generally speaking 6 paragraphs should be enough. If you are posting an interview or Q & A, the rule would extend to 6 paragraphs per person. If you are reposting an article where the author has requested dissemination, please feel free to post in its entirety but you must include the copyright and the permission' statement. For more on this matter, top include how to go about getting permission to post entire articles, please see our fair use policy.
Use explanatory and descriptive post titles: Do not use vague headings such as "Read This," "I Have a Question," or "Announcement."  Please do not use all capitals for titles.
Forum Administration: Help the moderating team police the board by clicking "Alert" on any post that seems a bit "odd" and give a brief, even one word, explanation.
* Warning*- If the general trend of your alerts seems agenda-driven to shut down discussions you don't like, the alert function will not be your friend. We won't take kindly to arm-twisting and as a result will probably ban you for being a nuisance.
Posting Privileges: We reserve the right to revoke your posting privileges if we feel you are not supportive of our goals. If you are inactive for a certain period, we will deactivate your account to discourage the phenomenon of "sleeper trolls" and to have an accurate idea of what our membership is.  If you feel your account should be reinstated, please contact the Administrators.
Other: Don't try to bull-shit us. If you're less than progressive by our standards, just admit it and we may allow you to post as long as you make no attempts to yank this board even one millimeter to the right.  Your best defense may be to request a Resident-(you fill in the blank) avatar so that we can appreciate your honesty and get straight to business. If you are not a true progressive yet remain so respectful of our goal to help our political parties recenter themselves that people can't tell you're not quite there yet, we may decide to tolerate you and be courteous to you in return.   There will be no exceptions made for DLC talking points or for the intellecutally dishonest and embarrassing spin of how a vote "for" the war wasn't really a vote "for" the war.  There are plenty of other boards where you can post that crap- just not here.  If you're an ass troll or a disruptor, we'll "whack you and stack you" out of everyone's misery.
11. Disclaimer: The material in this forum is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind. Progressive Independent disclaims all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We do not make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the information or materials in this forum in terms of their correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise. We reserve the right to may make changes to this website at any time.

Personal Note:

I started this website because I felt that there were too many issues, namely Israel/Palestine & the criminal complicity of Democrats on the issues destroying our country, that Progressives couldn't openly discuss on most boards. If you do not like the spirit of Progressive Independent please register at one of these other fine Democratic Boards instead:

Democratic Underground (Big tent approach where Moderates, Conservative Dems and Leftists are welcome)

KOS (Center Left Board - Moderate Dems who have recently grown as sick of the DLC as we are)

Liberal Underground (A recently started Liberal Board)

People for Change (Center Left - Progressive Board very commmited to & involved with Democracy for America)

Please note that we do not recruit from other boards & that no one is forced to be here.
Registering to post here is requisite on your acceptance of the spirit of Progressive Independent;
post on the other boards if you have any issues with our positions- they're non-negotiable.

Progressive Independent, LLC.