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Dear Progressive Friends,

The costs of running this website border on the obscene and due to having exceeded our bandwidth during the staggering tragedy in New Orleans, our provider has literally raped us with excess bandwidth charges.  The great news is that we had over 55,000 unique visitors from 143 countries since we launched last month and are being listed on several ultra-progressive sites. The bad news is that it is costing us a lot of money to keep this site operational and we are relying on your generous support so we can continue.

This website was started because the challenges the world faces today are staggering and as citizens of the most abusive regime America has ever had, it is our responsibility to say NO, to refuse to be complicit, to expose its criminality and to throw the bums out.

For the last 15 years we've been going backwards, further and further to the right with the full complicity of Democratic politicians who have NOT been representing us.  Taxation with lip service to representation is what we've gotten and it's long past time to do something about it.

When we needed our media - more than ever - to tell us the truth, they were worse than silent, they were complicit in the lies.

When we needed our political representatives - more than ever - to fight for us too many were worse than unresponsive, they were complicit in the goals of the recent administrations' New World Order.

This website exists because we've all said NO to complicit silence and are each doing our share to expose the obscenities being carried out in our name by a plutocratic political system that does not represent the American people.

We're committed to providing the resources and the discussion needed so that Democrats, Libertarians, Greens and Progressive Independents can all work together to shift our country leftwards in order to rebalance the center, but we need your help; in this rotten world, we need your generous financial support to keep this project going.

As much as we would like to do it for free, the bandwidth and technical support required to keep this site operational are very high and increase every week due to the amount of visitors we're getting so I ask for your help in keeping it going.  We ask for your help.

Whatever amount you can afford would help us a lot in defraying the costs of maintaining what we hope will become the premiere gathering place for people determined to change things.

Thanks so much. We can't do any of this without you,

The Administration of
Progressive Independent


Some men see things as they are and ask why...
Others see things as they could be
and ask why not?

Robert F. Kennedy


All donations currently via PayPal.  Next month we plan to have an integrated and more seamless service in place.

Progressive Independent, LLC.